Detroit Desmo Owners Club

Who We Are


The Detroit Desmo Owners Club is here for motorcyclists interested in sharing the passion inspired by the Ducati brand and who want to be part of a group providing an exciting set of social and riding events. Our goal is to foster and support a vibrant Ducati-exclusive motorcycling community in the Detroit Metropolitan area.

We strive to promote a deep connection with the Ducati brand, Ducati motorcycles, among Ducati owners and to expand the passion for motorcycling in all forms.  Throughout each year we will organize a variety of group rides, track days, social, educational, charity, and brand events to create a strong sense of community with Ducati owners. The Club will also actively promote and support safe and responsible riding practices.

The Detroit Desmo Owners Club provides a great way to get to know, network and create friendships with other Ducatisti who share the same passion for Ducati and motorcycling.  We hope you’ll join us!

Live the passion.  Enter the D.O.C. world!

Close your eyes and imagine an extended family that welcomes anyone that, like you, has one fixed thought: an unconditional love for Borgo Panigale's bikes.

Imagine being able to enjoy new experiences, discover new places and take part in exciting events.

Imagine meeting new friends and travel companions each day, ready to welcome you and share those unique feelings that only your Ducati can bring out in you.

Now open your eyes and stop imagining: now it's time to experience reality... the reality of the Desmo Owners Club.

Just start sharing the passion!

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