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The Detroit Desmo Owners Club provides a great way to get to know, network and create friendships with other Ducatisti who share the same passion for Ducati and motorcycling.  We hope you’ll join us!

Close your eyes and imagine an extended family that welcomes anyone that, like you, has one fixed thought: an unconditional love for Borgo Panigale’s bikes.

Imagine being able to enjoy new experiences, discover new places and take part in exciting events.

Imagine meeting new friends and travel companions each day, ready to welcome you and share those unique feelings that only your Ducati can bring out in you.Now open your eyes and stop imagining: now it’s time to experience reality… the reality of the Desmo Owners Club.

Full Member

  • Access to exclusive annual Detroit Desmo club events
  • Ducati Detroit parts and merchandise discounts
  • Opportunity to purchase annual Detroit Desmo club t-shirt
  • DOC membership card which provides access to exclusive regional and worldwide corporate sponsored Ducati events, including AMA and MotoGP, Ducati Riding Experiences , Travel opportunities and club merchandise

Associate Member

  • Designed for friends and spouses of Full Detroit Desmo members
  • Access to exclusive Annual Detroit Desmo club events when accompanied by a Full Detroit Desmo Member
  • Opportunity to purchase annual Detroit Desmo club t-shirt

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Once you make your payment, you’ll need to visit MyDucati to complete your registration. Please look for the link on the confirmation page.

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    I understand that the DETROIT DESMO Owners Club cannot assume responsibility for any aspect of my safety and that if I participate in any DETROIT DESMO Owners Club activities, I do so voluntarily on my own assessment of my ability, the routes, and all facilities and conditions, assuming all risk; and I release and hold DETROIT DESMO Owners Club, it's volunteers and participants, harmless for any injury or loss to my person or property which may result therefrom. I also certify that I am in compliance with my state's financial responsibility laws regarding the carrying of proper insurance.

    I also hereby grant the DETROIT DESMO Owners Club to use my image as necessary for promotional advertising and public relations material. I understand that these images may be in print materials as well as web based information.

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