Group Ride in the Mountains

2022 DODC Rally

For 2022, we’ve made some changes to the Rally format with the aim of simplifying the point system and making the contest more accessible and appealing to a broader cross-section of the membership.

To participate, here’s what you do:

  1. Ride your Ducati motorcycle to a qualifying site or event (see details below.)
  2. Take a picture with both your bike and the site/event in frame.
  3. Take a picture of your trip odometer or GPS track.
  4. Determine the points earned based on the matrix below.

Event Timing – The rally runs from May 1, 2022 and October 31, 2022.

Read about the Points System and Rules below the form.

Upload your Photo

After you upload your photo, please share to Instagram and/or Facebook with #idetroitdesmoadventures.

  • Please use the same email address for every submission.
  • You can only upload one photo at a time and the maximum file size is 10mb. Please don't upload full size images if possible.
    If you're sending from your phone, you may have better luck sending smaller images when it asks what size to upload.
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, Max. file size: 10 MB.
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2022 Point System

2022 Rally Matrix Distance from where your bike lives*
Site/Event  < 100 mi 100 – 250 >250 miles
Qualifying site ** 1 3 5
DOC-D event *** 2 4 6

* Trip odometer or GPS, one way. 

** Qualifying site categories:

  • Motorcycle related – Any Ducati dealership, motorcycle museum, racetrack or other motorcycle happening (race, national rally, show, etc) 
  • Outdoorsy – Great Lake, waterfall, beach, camp site, DNR state park.
  • Brews – locally owned coffee/tea house – no Starbucks!

*** DOC-D event (bike night, monthly breakfast, group ride, etc.)

For 2022, there is no towel or other signage requirement.


MI State Parks:

DOC-D Event Calendar:

Great Lakes:

Ducati Dealerships:

Locally owned coffee shops:


The competition is open to all ACTIVE DOCD members. Your motorcycle must be in the picture and visible enough to ensure you rode to the location. “Your motorcycle” means your personally owned motorcycle. No fair flying to a faraway location and renting a bike for the picture.

In cases where a ‘location’ is a particular street, bridge, river crossing; some official marking must be visible and readable in the picture. A picture of a motorcycle next to a river does not count, it must also include a sign CLEARLY MARKING THAT LOCATION. In cases where the description is “next to” the item, it must be visible in the picture along with your motorcycle. If you ride with another DOCD OR non Detroit Desmo Ducati rider(s), all bikes need to be in the picture. Please note that some of the location markers may be behind fences or on private property.

Trespassing is strictly against the rules.